What is Invalid Click Activity? How to avoid it?

The Adsense account will get banned if someone makes fake clicks on ads to inflate an advertiser’s costs or a publisher’s earnings. The invalid activity includes intentionally fraudulent traffic and invalid intentional clicks on Adsense Ads.

You started a new blog or thinking of creating a new WordPress or Blogger blog and looking to generate revenue with Adsense. But do you know Adsense has some guidelines? And if you do not follow these guidelines, your Adsense may ban your account. One such policy is about invalid clicks. This tutorial article will discuss invalid click activity and how you can avoid this.

What is Invalid Click Activity and How to Prevent Invalid clicks on Adsense

Invalid clicks, as the name suggest that the invalid click on something. In our case, it is Adsense, for which you have to avoid invalid clicks.

What is Invalid Click Activity?

When you or someone known to you visit your website and clicks on the Adsense ads appear on the website. If the clicks ads are by mistake, then Adsense analyzes and removes that click from your account. Because Google understands that one or two clicks can be possible while exploring the content.

But if there are several intentional clicks, Adsense analyzes and penalizes your account by temporarily or permanently disabling the account, which ultimately depends on the Adsense team.

Similarly, this principle applies to other Google products, like YouTube. For example, when you share your videos in the Facebook groups and ask for an ad click, Adsense may analyze the interest factors, session duration, successful landing on the ad target page, and many more factors.

Hence, we can define the invalid click as artificially or intentionally clicking on ads to increase advertisers’ cost and publisher revenue.

However, Adsense analyzes all the invalid clicks and removes all the clicks from the publishers’ and doesn’t let the advertiser lose.

Adsense is a platform where we pay for displaying ads to the right customer, but if someone artificially increases our cost and gets no result, we’ll not pay Adsense further. Adsense punishes such publishers by disabling their Adsense account temporarily or permanently to avoid this malfunction.

How can invalid clicks be avoided?

We understood that invalid clicks are artificially generated clicks to increase the earnings of the publisher. You can avoid this by

  • Never asked your friends/family or another known person to visit your website and click on ads,
  • Don’t buy traffic from any platform,
  • Don’t click on your Adsense ads even if you really interested in the ad product.
  • Never ask visit for a visit on the Facebook group. It drastically reduces the average session time of your website.
  • Force visitors increases the Bounce rate of the website.

Some websites or freelancers offer you genuine traffic for your website. And promise you to increase your Alexa ranking, but what they do is, send spam traffic or bot traffic. You may be aware that spam or invalid traffic violates Google’s Polity and may result in Adsense disable.

If you notice spam traffic from a website, you can disavow the referring domain. In addition, you can analyze traffic with the help of Google Analytics.

What if someone intentionally Clicking on my Adsense ads?

There may be other reasons for invalid clicks on the Adsense ads of your website. For example, it may be possible that someone you competitors actively engage in an invalid click. However, you have done nothing, but someone follows the bad practice on your website.

It is easy to find invalid click activity by others. You’ll see a drastic increase in Adsense earnings as well as CTR. Suppose your regular CTR is 1-3%, and one day you found it suppose 16%. Then it is not normal; someone made intentional invalid clicks.

If you found someone intentionally clicking on the Adsense ads, you must fill in the invalid click contact form. This application form ensures the AdSense team that the publisher is innocent and doesn’t want to make money with bad practice.

The AdSense team will read the invalid click activity form and analyze the account accordingly. And then, the team removes all invalid clicks and revenue generated from that clicks.

I hope you liked this article on Invalid Click Activity. If you’ve any doubt, queries, or feedback, feel free to ask in the comment section provided below. Thank You!

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