Blogger SEO Rank your website in Search Result

If you’re on the Blogger platform and want to optimize it for the search engine i.e. Blogger SEO, read this complete article. We’ll discuss what kind of theme one should use and how to write a blogger post for better results.

Blogger SEO settings, tools, and Tips

You all know that content is the king, first you’ve to write some meaningful content to the blogger. After that follow the steps provided below.

Blogger SEO Rank Your Website

To make a blog search engine friendly, you’ve to keep various things in mind, like writing an SEO friendly article for the best user experience. Topics related to blogger SEO covered in this article are:

  1. Custom Domain Name for The Blogger Blog.
  2. How to choose an SEO theme for The Blogger blog
  3. Meta Tags for a blog or website
  4. Fix Blogger m=1 Duplicate Content or page other than canonical indexed in webmaster tool
  5. Robots meta tags and Robots.txt file Best settings for Blogger Blog search engine optimization
  6. Robots header tag
  7. Write SEO friendly content.
  8. Serve WebP images.
  9. Webmaster Tools for the Blogger SEO

Custom Domain Name for the Blogger Blog.

Add a custom domain name that should be there for a Blogger blog. It provides brand value to your blog and also will easy to remember for the website visitors.

Try to keep your domain name short, easy to remember, easy to spell. If possible, try to add the main keyword of your website’s niche in the domain name. Learn here how to set up the domain name for the blogger blog.

How to choose SEO theme for a blogger Blog.

After domain name, you’ve to select a perfect theme that not only looks good and user friendly but also SEO friendly. So what to look at in this?

The Two most important elements that a theme should support for the Blogger SEO are:

HTML5 Page Structure

The theme you choose must be designed using HTML5 semantic tags. When a search engine bot crawls the website, HTML5 tags will guide it, what and where your content is. So that your website can rank in the search result and your organic traffic sees a rise. You can HTML5 structure of your website, Learn HTML5 Page structure best practice for SEO SERP.

Schema Markup Data

Blogger or WordPress theme must enable schema markup data. This will help search engines to generate rich snippets for search results. And will drastically boost the SEO of your blogger blog.

Read, understand, and check whether your current theme support schema markup data or not.

Meta Tags for Blogger SEO

Meta tags provide some kind of information to the search engine and boost CTR, Organic Traffic, and AdSense CTR.

In meta tags, you can use link prefetch to fetch the data like js, CSS, image, or you can resolve DNS. Read this article for Blogger Meta Tags.

Fix Blogger m=1 Duplicate Content or page other than canonical indexed in webmaster tool.

Google webmaster displays an error of duplicate content, or another version of the page is indexed.

A canonical page declared by the user is not indexed in such a situation, but another version of that indexed like m=1. In such a situation, you try to find how you can remove the ?m=1 from the URL. Best this is not the best practice. Understand how you can solve the blogger m=1 issue.

Robots meta tags and Robots.txt file Best settings for Blogger SEO.

If you don’t know what these robots.txt and robots meta tag files are, let me introduce them. Robots.txt file controls the search engine bot crawling of the whole website. And robots meta tags tell the search engine which page to index and which do not.

You can read this article for the best practice of Blogger Robots.txt and robots meta tags.

Custom robots header tags

Blogger user search every time for custom robots header tags. In this file, you don’t need to make any changes. It’s already in the best settings.

Write SEO Friendly Content.

After performing all the steps provided above is not enough until you write unique content. But with that uniqueness, you’ve to understand how to use header tags, images, external links, etc.

Read how to write SEO friendly content. This will help you to rank your webpage in the search engine and boost on-Page Blogger SEO.

Serve WebP NextGen Images for Blogger.

For every upload, you can edit the size value like s320 for the image size. Covert it to s320-rw, update the post and done. Using this method, you can serve webP images in the Blogger blog.

This method will boost up speed of your blogger website that will directly impact user experience and SEO.

You can refer this complete article on Blogger Blog NextGen image.

Webmaster Tool for your the website.

Submit the website or blogs to the webmaster’s search engines like Google Webmaster Tool, Bing Webmaster Tools, Yandex, etc. This will help the bot to find your website and get traffic on your website easily.

Submit sitemap for all posts and pages for the Blogger SEO. By default, in Blogger blog, only post sitemap is linked via sitemap, so please visit the linked post to understand how to submit both pages and posts sitemap.

You can understand here, how to connect to Google Webmaster tool.

By using all these methods, you can drastically boost the Blogger SEO. If you like this article, subscribe to us via Email; in case of any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thank You. :)

Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar working in the Search Engine Optimization field since 2015. And worked on many successful projects since then. He shares the real-life experience of best SEO practices with his followers on You also can learn Advance level SEO for WordPress, Blogger, or any other blogging platform. Stay tuned.

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