How to connect the Blogger blog to Google Search Console

For a website to grow, it is important to rank it in the search result of popular search engines Like Google. This tutorial article will guide you, how to connect the Blogger blog to the Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console or webmaster tool?

It is a tool that collects data from the website available over the internet and displays all the collected data using the search engine as per the user’s query.

Google Webmaster Search Console and Blogger Blog

Google Webmaster tool is an important tool for web developers and website designers who want to rank their articles on Google in a brilliant way. Google can provide you a lot of traffic and can help you to grow your business.

How to Connect Blogger Blogspot Blog website to Google Search Console.

For this,

  1. 1st of all, you’ve to visit your blogger blog and copy your website/blog URL.
  2. Now visit the Google webmaster website.
  3. Sign in with Google Account or Sign up for a new account.
  4. After Login, Click on Add Property and Paste your website URL.
  5. Now, if your website property is verified, then that’s very good. If not, then it will provide you with a google-site-verification meta tag.
  6. You’ve to paste this meta tag to your website or blog’s head section.
    • Go to
    • Click on Theme and take a backup of your theme.
    • Now click on edit HTML and Find <head> tag
    • Now Paste your google-site-verification meta tag between <head> and </head> section.
    • Save the HTML document.
  7. Come back to Google search console(webmaster website). Click on Verify my property. And your property or blog will be verified.
  8. Your website will be verified successfully and listed in Google Search Console.

Settings for Blogger blog in Google Search Console

By this process, you’ll add your website to Google Search Console or Webmaster tool. Your website will now be processed by Google Search Console. It will show that it will take a few days to process your data.

During this time period, Optimize the Blogger blog for the search engine. Now process time directly depends on the traffic of your website or blog.
After doing all this, you’ve to make some changes in settings.

  • Now you’ve to submit a sitemap to process your website structure data.
  • Blogger user – Click on sitemap and paste sitemap.xml for Blogger Posts and
  • sitemap-pages.xml for blogger Pages. For detailed information, understand how to submit a sitemap for bloggers.

Now sitemap is successfully submitted. It’s time to submit the Pages sitemap to the robots.txt file.

For this, go to > Setting > Search Preference and click on
Custom robots.txt. Now enable custom robots.txt to yes as shown in the below image.

robots.txt file given below this image

Custom robots.txt blogger blogspot blog.
Custom robots.txt blogger blogspot blog.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


Change with your website address. and paste it as shown in step 5. You can also implement the best robots.txt and robots meta tags for Blogger SEO.

Now it will take a few days to process your data to show up in Google Webmaster Tool.

Don’t do this

Do not submit all variants of your blogger blog to the Google Webmaster tool. Submit only one preferred URL. For example, enable the HTTPS and submit the URL

This will take a few days to process your data as per your website traffic. Now you’ve to understand how you can connect the search console and Blogger blog.

This tutorial was on how to connect the Blogger blog and Google Search Console. Now you can also connect the Blogger blog to the Bing Webmaster Tool.

Connect the Blogger blog to GA – How to setup Google Analytics Tools Methods 2021.

I hope you like this article; for a detailed view, please watch the video(Hindi).

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