Create Contact Us Page for Blogger blog with a form in 1 Click

This article will discuss how to create a contact us page for the Blogger blog with a form in one click. The tool provided here will generate a contact us page in one click.

Contact us page is significant for a website to communicate with its users. The user can send his query, doubt, or question using the Contact Us form provided on a website.

Contact us form for Blogger blog.

Blogger allows you to add a Contact Us form gadget in the sidebar or footer section of the blog. But it does not look professional, so a dedicated contact us page should be there.

Generate a Contact US Form for Page for the Blogger in One click.

You have to add the code given below in the “HTML” section of your page. We provide you Contact Us form page for the Blogger blog.

The code snippet will work with Blogger 1.0 and also with 2.0. First, you have to enter the blog ID and the Contact Us page script generated for the Blogger blog.

Enter Your Blog ID Below

Enter Your BlogID in this box –


Find the Blogger blog ID.

Log in to Blogger Dashboard, now check the URL of it. You can see a similar URL as displayed below. Copy the number identical to highlighted one from your Blogger address(URL).

Find Blogger ID on New Blogger Interface
Blogger ID for Blogspot

So you’ve now blog ID, enter this with YourBlogID in the following input box. This box will generate a Contact Us page HTML script for the Blogger blog.

Create a Blogger Page

To paste the above script, you must enable the HTML mode on the page.

Create A new Page in Blogger
Create A New Page in Blogger
  1. Visit Blogger Dashboard, Click on Pages
  2. Now Click on Create New Page.
Blogger Page Edit HTML Page
Blogger Page Edit HTML Page
  1. Enter Title of the Contact Us page.
  2. Click on the edit (pencil symbol) to switch to HTML mode.
  3. Paste the code generated using the above button and publish.

You can now try sending the email address. You’ll receive all emails at the admin email address.

Working? You can appreciate our work with your comment below.

Blogger Contact Us Page Not Working? Try This.

If the Contact Us form page is not working, then you should check the Blogger ID is correct. And also, check your Gmail spam folder for the email.

Please note that this Contact Us form will work with custom domain names and the subdomain domain. And also, this code will work even if you disabled the footer default javascript of the Blogger website.

Final Words

In this article, we understood how to create a Contact Us form page for the Blogger blog in 1 click using the Contact Us form generator. I hope you liked this article. In case of any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment section provided below. Thank you :)

Additional Info: If you want to give your Blogger blog a premium look, you can install our Oyedad Premium Theme for Free. Oyedad is the only theme that supports webP images in Blogger.

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  1. working thanks bro, godl bless you, if u put in only blogid in one place it works for you and you will recieve the email has been sent from your blog to straight your gmail, but i have one question: How can i change red color of the send button thank you

  2. this worked but I have a “share button” at the top of the form and an “email post” at the bottom of the form .. help please how do I remove those

  3. hi yes changed all the red, and changed the blog id , I am using the “emporio ” template I have tried adding the code manually, and via “advanced add css” even if I get the contact form on there the send button doesn’t work. I ended up putting a google docs contact form on the site, but I will have another crack at it , and try your solution again , I tried different broswers too. this template doesn’t like being changed

  4. OMG Finally!!! ^_^ I tried like 5 codes and yours is the only one that really works! And logical too because the others were not mentioning about the blogger ID. One did, but no message notices and when I tested it still wasn’t sending any message! Thank you so much!

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