Adsense – Impression CTR, Ad Request CTR

If you’re blogging and earning through Adsense only then you’ve to understand how you can increase earnings with AdSense. If you implement ads in a perfect manner, you’ll get a High CPC and also a very ads impression rate.

How to implement a Perfect size ad unit?

First of all you’ve to choose a niche and then you’ve to start writing contents on that perticular niche and interlink all these article with each other so that SEO can improve and you’ve get engaged audiance.

Right Ad Unit? Means?

Yes, the Right Ad unit here means an ad unit whose impression CTR and Ad Request CTR is high.

Every ad we place in an article not earns the same. Some earn less, some more. Our team experiment on 10 Adsense accounts, for different ad units. And finally found that Different Ad Unit in the same area/place of a webpage.

Then you may see changes in CTR, CPC, RPM.

And if you check the report of your ad units, then the ad unit that earns max will get high CPC and earnings. Now there may be a question why is it so? It is all because of High Ad Request CTR, unit you placed has high CTR that mean Impression vs Click rate is high, More ads served to that ad unit than other ad units of the page.

A lot of factor plays role in this, such as the number of ads on a page. I recommend, less ad with high CTR would be a great idea.

Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar working in the Search Engine Optimization field since 2015. And worked on many successful projects since then. He shares the real-life experience of best SEO practices with his followers on You also can learn Advance level SEO for WordPress, Blogger, or any other blogging platform. Stay tuned.

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