What is E-A-T? How to improve it?

Google released an update in August 2018 for the websites that provide more value to its users. This update is known as the E-A-T update, where E stands for Expertise, A for Authority, and T for Trustworthiness.

E-A-T and Search Engine Optimization.

As you already know that Search Engine Optimization means optimization of a webpage for a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yandex, etc.

Google release update time to time to provide an enhanced user experience. Some updates are more important because they make significant changes in the system, algorithm, and search results. Such updates are known as core updates.

What is E-A-T  in SEO, how to improve EAT

E-A-T update is one of the core updates. It enhanced the user experience by providing more trustable, expert results first for the search queries.

Expertise: Denotes that the person who provides information in a blog or website about a thing called “X” is an expert in the “X” or not. This parameter may include the reference links, authority, etc.

Authority: can be earned with expertise. With time a brand or website gain authority by providing genuine, unique, and valuable content.

Trustworthiness: A website considerable trustful only if it providing real, true information is trustworthy. Uniqueness can also be considered.

Website domain age helps google to count the E-A-T score of a website. In general, Google uses this score for the Medical or health-related (YMYL) website. In emergencies like earthquakes, Google uses this score for the search results.

E stands for Experties

Not every website or author can claim expertise in a topic. This is earned by hard work, experience and with time.

An author or website can’t be an expert in everything, like I can’t claim expertise in a medical website, even if I know some diseases and their basic medicine. I can claim expertise in the SEO of a website.

A for Authority

Expertise is not enough to rank in the search result. Google is a machine that uses artificial intelligence to analyze user behavior. All this data can’t be measured quickly, so website authority includes the domain age.

The website content, its uniqueness, and how reliable, trustworthy, and expert information are important factors for the website authority.

T for Trustworthiness

Expertise and Authorities are important factors to rank a website in the search engine. Along with these two, trustworthiness is also important.

A business’s trustworthiness is earned by providing the best services to the users, like providing FAQs for blogs. The business website or blog must avoid negative reviews.

How to Improve the E-A-T Score of a website?

As already discussed, Google uses this score for a better user experience. That means a website should be optimized for a better user experience. The content provided on the website must fulfill the user’s need. To do this, keep some points in your mind.

  • Write genuine and complete content.
  • Interlink the website and cover all the topics related to the website niche.
  • Don’t write what you don’t know (for high CPC etc).
  • Provide author details, interest, profession, etc.
  • Delete or modify the low-quality content.
  • Build more links
  • Keep the content up to date.

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