How to Edit Blogger Template XML Theme file, Enhance Design

Blogger blog allows you to customize its layout structure. But if you’ve basic knowledge of HTML, XML, and CSS, you can customize it more drastically. You can add more layout, customize the color, shape, or size of the widget, etc. In this article, we’ll discuss how to edit the Blogger Template XML theme file.

There may be a question in your mind that is it safe to edit a Blogger template? This tutorial article will help you to understand that too.

Why should we edit the Blogger template?

As we already discussed, we can enhance the functionality of the Blogger blog by editing its theme structure. Let’s talk about some important edits we can make to a Blogger theme.

Methods to Edit Blogger Template or Theme

Blogger users can edit a Blogger theme by two methods

  1. Using the Edit HTML method to Edit XML file of Blogger.
  2. Customize Using the Blogger Layout Edit Method.
How to Edit Blogger Template XML file
How to Edit Blogger Template XML file

Using the Edit HTML and layout customization method.

You can use this method to add, remove, or modify a code into the Blogger theme. But before editing the Blogger theme, you must take a backup of it. That will help if any changes you made disturb the theme design. You can restore that backup.

How to Take Backup of Blogger template XML.

Visit Blogger Dashboard and click on theme in the left hand side of dashboard.

Blogger Customize theme
Blogger Edit XML File
  1. Visit Blogger Dashboard, Click on Theme as shown
  2. Now click on the down option arrow, to take a backup of the theme.

Download the backup XML file, and Restore.

Download The Blogger XML Backup File
Download The Blogger XML Backup File

After clicking on the download option arrow, a few options will appear. Select Backup to take the backup of the template. After downloading the XML, you can rename it with the date or changes you made to remember changes.

You can restore that backup, using the restore option provided just below the backup.

Editing Blogger Template XML Using Edit HTML Method

After download the backup file, you can start editing the XML of the Blogger template or theme

Edit HTML blogger
Edit HTML Blogger

Click on Edit HTML option provided in the same window as Backup file. On clicking the option, a new edit window will open, as displayed below.

Blogger Edit HTML option to edit XML
Blogger Edit HTML option to edit XML

If you have to make minor changes, then you can use this window itself. But for major changes, please copy the whole XML file and paste it into the code editor of your computer like notepad, Notepad ++, VS Code, Atom, etc.

You can enhance the design, structure to improve user experice or SEO of the Blogger blog.

Customize Using the Blogger Layout Edit Template Method.

This is the Blogger’s easy-to-manage appearance of your Blogger blog. This option will provide you to change the background, the main theme color, gadgets visibility, title color font color, font size, etc.

But this method will provide you customization in the blogger theme design. You can’t change, add or change any functionality using this method.

I hope you liked this article, if you any doubt feels free to ask in the comment section provided below.

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