How to hide login URL in WordPress

Someone trying to hack your website? You can perform some methods to avoid such activities like hiding the Login URL of WordPress, making the password so strong.

Hide WordPress Login
Hide WordPress Login

So what could be the solution for this? You can use the Jetpack plugin to secure your WordPress website. In this tutorial article, we will understand how to hide the login URL of a WordPress website.

Protect your WordPress website, Hide login URL.

You can protect website login URL wp-login.php by installing WPS Hide Login Plugin. After installing and activating the plugin you can change the login URL.

You can access WPS hide login plugin settings in the settings of WordPress. You can change the Login URL, which will replace the actual login URL of the WordPress website.

In the login URL tab, enter the new login URL. And please always remember this URL for the future to login into the website.

For security reason, you shold not display username in your posts.

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