How to Increase Adsense CPC and Earnings

Increase CPC of the Adsense ads of a webpage. Understand various factors effecting it.

Cost per click or CPC plays an important roles for motivation, it motivate you to write genuine unique articles so that you can warm your pocket with adsense ads.

Why to increase CPC

In Adsense, CPC stands for Cost Per Click that mean, how many clicks you’re getting and how much each click pay to you. Consider you get 100 clicks in a day with a CPC of $0.01 then your earnings of that day will be 100 × $0.01= $1. And if you’re getting higher CPC of each click, say an avg CPC of $0.10 then and total clicks 25 then your total earning of that day will be 25×$0.10=$2.5 which means, in this case, your earning rise up to 150%. So Click Through Rate(CTR) is not always an important point. Focus on CPC, in this article we’ll discuss – how we can increase CPC.

Google Adsense Increase Revenue
Google Adsense Increase Revenue

Number of Ads on Page

The number of Adsense Ads on a page describes the quality of the page. If you place a higher number of ads >4 then your page might be not user-friendly. If your page contain large content then it might be ok. But for a normal content page, it will not be good, as users expect the quality of content not ads. A visitor visits your site for your content not for ads. So place fewer ads. Lesser the ads were higher the CPC will be. In my experience, if you place a single ad on a page that will also not a good way to go with. Place a minimum of 2 ads. We recommend you to place 3 ads on a page. Please maintain a good length article so that it can get more organic traffic and you can boost up your earnings.

Placement Of Ads

Placement of ads very important for CPC, revenue per thousand impressions (RPM), in other words, to increase total earning you must place ads in the right manner. For this, first of all, you need to find that at which part of your site, users hang most(stay for a longer time). If you aren’t able to do that, Place ads at

  1. Above the Content
  2. In the content
  3. Sidebar Ads

Now Make all these ads responsive to adept ad size according to the screen size of the user. To make a responsive read article here.

Text and Display Ads Type

Ads type is also an important point for increasing CPC. You must choose ‘text and display’ ads. If you already have chosen ‘image’ or ‘text’ ads and that is performing well on your page then don’t change them directly to ‘text and display’ ads. In such a condition, if you want to check ‘text and display ads’ performance then run and A and B experiment. And if your site has organic traffic then try ‘Link Ads’ too.

Ad Blindness

Ad blindness is a factor that comes into play for regular visitors, if your traffic is direct traffic then visitor knows where your ads are placed and they just ignore that ads or in other words they are blind for your ads. To reduce this, change the position of ads periodically to time or change your templates.

Ad Quality

Ad Quality is directly proportional to your earnings. Ad quality is good and based on user interest then it is more likely that the user will click. Read this article to increase Ad Quality

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