Validate Schema Markup of a website, Check Schema Errors

Schema Markup is an essential part of a website structure. You can’t detect a schema error by just looking at the page like HTML structure, as it doesn’t break the page. But it breaks the SEO if not properly implemented. Hence you need to validate Schema Markup data to check the SEO friendliness of your website.

How to Check and validate Schema Markup? Boost SEO of the webpage.

Schema Markup Check for a webpage
Schema tags check

Schema tags: Do you know whether your site is using Schema Markup tags or not? If you don’t know then, now definitely you can check this. To check your schema tags on the WordPress or blogger page, please visit Google Schema Markup tester, or You can check Rich Results Test – Google Search Console.

And validate the Schema Markup for

  1. The HomePage
  2. For Posts.
  3. And Pages

After checking all 3, check whether is any error it is showing?

HTML5 Page Structure Best Practice, Advance On-Page SEO

Blogger User SEO

For Blogger posts, use the “Blogposting” or “Article” Schema tag for blogger post. If you’re not able to see such a kind of Schema in test results, you’ve to upgrade your blogger theme. You can choose anyone out of these blogger themes.

Now check that whether the Google Schema Markup checker shows any error? Then you must have to add missing value/s.

WordPress Users Schema Markup Tags

WordPress users can use Yoast SEO to add schema markup to their webpages. Yoast SEO provides you with a variety of features. We’ll talk about more SEO plugins later.

After doing all this please check/validate your schema data using Google Schema Markup tester.

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