Bing Webmaster Tools Step by Step Guide 2022

Bing Search Engine is a Microsoft product and the second-largest search engine after Google. So we can’t ignore this one. Let’s understand how to set up the Bing Webmaster Tools for our website in 2022.

Bing Webmaster Tools 2021 Guide
Bing Webmaster Tools 2021 Guide

Bing search engine is the default search engine of Microsoft Edge. And it also provides data to the Yahoo search engine. That means you can’t ignore the Bing search engine.

Recently Bing released a new version of Webmaster Tools. This tutorial guide helps you set up an account to analyze the website SEO—a complete Tutorial guide for webmasters.

Sign in to Bing to Set up the Bing webmaster tool.

Create an account or sign in to Bing Webmaster tools. You can use your Microsoft, Google, or Facebook account to log in.

Bing Webmaster Tool Login
Bing Webmaster Tool Login
  • Click on Sign in
  • Choose any from the available option
Bing Website Data Fetch
Bing Website Data Fetch

Verify Website/s to Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing allows you to add your website/s using two methods.

  1. Fetch all verified website data from Google Console
  2. Add a website manually, and verify it.

If you go with the first option, you have to click on import, and Bing webmaster will fetch all website data from the Google search console.

Or you can add your website manually by adding the website name.

Bing provides you with three options to verify your website.

  1. Using XML file: In this, you’ve to upload the XML file to your website’s root directory.
  2. HTML meta tags Method: This is the easiest method to verify a website. We’ll use this method.
  3. Adding CNAME values to the DNS: In this, you’ve to log in to your domain name provider account. And Add CNAME values.
Verify your website.

We’ll go with the HTML meta tag option from the above three options. In this, we’ve to add the meta tag value to our live website. You should add this value in the header section between <head> and </head> semantic tags. Let’s add it for Blogger and WordPress.

Verify a Blogger Website

You can verify a Blogger website by editing its XML theme file using the Edit HTML method. Learn about the edit HTML method of the Blogger. You’ve to find <head> tag. And paste the copy meta tag just below the <head> tag. And save the XML theme file. Now click on verify button in Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing will verify your website.

Verify a WordPress website.

You can verify the WordPress website using Yoast SEO Plugin, Rank Math, or the All in One SEO plugin. If you don’t have any, then you must set up one.

Verify a website using Yoast SEO Plugin

In Yoast SEO Plugin, access the plugin’s dashboard from the left-hand side. Then, scroll to General Settings> Webmaster Tools settings.

Verify a website using Yoast SEO Plugin
Verify a website using Yoast SEO Plugin

Here you’ve to paste the HTML meta tag provided by Bing Webmaster Tool and save the changes.

Using All in One SEO.

All in One SEO plugin provides webmaster tools verification option under general settings. You have to scroll to General Settings>Webmaster Tools.

Verify using All in One SEO.
Verify using All in One SEO.

Here you can verify your Bing Webmaster, Google Search Console, etc. Then, click on Bing and Enter the HTML meta tag copied from Bing Webmaster Tools.

Using Rank Math SEO Plugin

In the Rank Math SEO Plugin, you can access webmaster settings in general settings like the above.

Verify using Rank Math SEO Plugin
Verify using Rank Math SEO Plugin

You’ve to scroll to General Settings>Webmaster Tools and then paste the HTML meta tag in the Bing webmaster tools Section provided. Now save the changes.

Home of Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools Dashboard

After successfully verifying your website, the Dashboard of Bing Webmaster Tool will open.

Bing Webmaster Tool Home Settings
Home Bing Webmaster Tool

By default, you’ll be at the home section of the Bing webmaster tool. Here you can see various reports about your website. Please note that you can see this data after a few days of website verification.

  1. Report about Search Performance.
  2. SEO report of your website.
  3. This section display how much URL quota you’ve and how used today.

Search Performance

The following report is a search performance report for your website.

Bing Webmaster Tool. Search Performance
Bing Webmaster Search Performance

In the search performance tab, you can check your website’s performance on the keywords (provided in the 4th section).

You can use these keywords to rank various pages of your website. If a keyword ranks in the 5th position, you can work on the related page to boost SERP and optimize the keyword more.

Bing Webmaster URL Inspection

Bing Webmaster URL Inspection
Bing Webmaster URL Inspection

In the inspection tab, you can inspect the URLs of your website. And check whether Bing Search Engine indexed the URLs or Not.

  1. Shows the status of URL i.e. Page is indexed or not in the Bing Search Engine.
  2. This tab suggests the fixes, like here is one SEO issue of HTML size.
  3. Type of markup data used on the website for rich results in Bing. Like Schema Markup data, Open Graph, etc.

Search Performance Bing Webmaster Tools

Search Performance Bing Webmaster Tools
Search Performance Bing Webmaster Tools

This tool explores your website’s all sections, sub-sections, the status of all that. It also displays indexed pages, warnings, pages with errors, and excluded pages from the search result.

Submit sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.

This tool allows you to submit the sitemap of the WordPress or Blogger website to the webmaster tool. We’re disclosing the website URL here. :)

Submit sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.
Submit sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.

Submit sitemap of the Blogger blog.

Blogger blog, after recent updates, contains a sitemap under the blog’s root directory. You can access it by adding /sitemap.xml and sitemap-pages.xml.

Scroll to the sitemap section of the webmaster tool

  • Click on the submit sitemap button provided in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the sitemap URL and
  • Submit the sitemap to the Bing Webmaster Tool.

Submit Sitemap of WordPress website

You can submit a WordPress website’s sitemap generated by Yoast SEO, Rank Math, or AOI SEO Plugins.

If you’re using Yoast and Rank Math SEO Plugin, enter these values.

  • sitemap_index.xml
  • post-sitemap.xml
  • page-sitemap.xml

For the All in One SEO plugin, Enter these values.

  • sitemap.xml
  • post-sitemap.xml
  • page-sitemap.xml

URL Submission

This tool provides you with the option to submit URLs that are updated or newly added to your website. There will be a limit of URLs that you can submit to Bing in a day.

This limit can vary from 10 to 10k/day. It will increase with the life of your website.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Section in Webmaster Tools

This section is primarily for your website’s on-page and external link SEO. You can keep your eyes on on-Page SEO.

Backlink Section of Bing Webmaster
Backlink Section BWT

Off-Page SEO means how your website is performing on the internet. How other linking or refer your website on their webpage.

  1.  Other websites that provide backlinks to your web pages.
  2. How many pages of other websites referring your website.
  3. What anchor text they used to link your website.
  4. Name of all the domains that are providing links.
  5. Pages of your website that are getting links from external websites.
  6. Anchor text is used to link the pages.
  7. Similar websites that compete with you.
  8. Disavow links: in this, you can block suspicious websites to refer to your website. This will result that the search engine will not consider that referral.

With on-page SEO, off-Page SEO is also essential. So it would be best if you kept an eye on this too.

Keyword Research in Bing Webmaster Tools.

The keyword is a significant part of any website. These keywords define the ranking of your website in the search results.

Keyword Research in Bing Webmaster Tools.
Keyword Research in Bing Webmaster Tools.

Here in this screenshot, you can analyze data of one of the keywords.

  1. The keyword of which report is analyzed.
  2. How the keyword performed.
  3. Performance report of the keyword in the various countries.
  4. You can sort your report by various parameters provided.

You can also check the SERP of your webpage in the Bing Search Result.

SEO Report

In this section of Bing Webmaster Tool, you can check the SEO reports. Usually On-Page error.

SEO Error Bing Webmaster Tools
SEO Report
  1. The total number of SEO errors on your website.
  2. The number of affected pages.
  3. The priority of the errors
  4. Type of the SEO errors.

So you’ve to worry about errors in pages that are allowed to index. Suppose a page type is marked as noindex in the robots meta tag and still shows some error like description error. You don’t have to worry about that much.

If it shows an error of the image alt tag, you’ve to make the necessary changes. But sometimes, it is due to the comment author’s profile image and should be ignored.

Site Scan

Scan your website and check errors, if any.

Site Scan
Site Scan

You can use this tool to check errors on your website. You’ll get a monthly quota; like in the above example, 9260 pages quota left as per the above screenshot. That means we can scan up to 9260 more pages on this website. This quota renews every month.

  • Enter the Name of the scan, anything you like.
  • Type of scan. To check errors in the website, select the website and enter the URL.
  • The maximum number of pages that can be scanned will use your quota. For example, if you choose 1000 and it scans a total of 280 pages. Then a quota of 280 will consume not 1000.
  • Start the scan. After completion of the scan, you’ll receive an email at your registered email address.

Configuration Settings

You can control the search engine to control the Bing crawl bot and your pages’ appearance in the search results in the configuration settings.

This section is divided into two.

Crawl Control

It lets you control bing crawling; you can set the timing according to your website updates and traffic. You can choose a time when you update your website or when traffic is low. If you’re a fast server, then you can allow the crawler to crawl anytime.

Block URL

You can block some of your URLs that you don’t want to display in search results. You have to submit the complete URL of such an item, and Bing will hide such URL from its search results.

Tools and Enhancement

This contains robot tools. The first option here is of robots.txt file, and the second is to verify a bingbot from Bing Webmaster Tools.

Robots.txt File check.

You can test whether the robots.txt file blocks a page or not. You have to enter the URL and run the test. If the robots.txt file blocks meaningful URLs, edit this robots.txt file with SEO plugins on the WordPress website. In Blogger, you can do a best practice using robots meta and robots.txt together.

Verify Bingbot

If there are some malicious activities or someone tries to access your website. And you can check the log file that notifies the activity’s IP address. Then you can verify that it was a bing bot or not. If it was a bing bot, then nothing to worry about, and if not, then you’ve to block such URLs to access your website.

Security and Privacy.

There are three sections: copyright, user management, and Microsoft Clarity.

If you see any copyright notice, you may use other copyright content on your website. If you’re that you hadn’t used any, then you can revert copyright to review the notice.

User Management

In the user management section, you can add more users to the project to analyze the reports.

Microsoft Clarity

There is a new section that is Microsoft Clarity. In this, you can check users’ activity on your website. You can analyze users’ needs from your website, check the website’s heatmap, insights, etc. We’ll soon cover this in a separate article.

So this is all about Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools; I hope you liked this article. In case of any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Final Words

This article helps you in setting up the Bing Webmaster tool for your blog or website. This is a great tool for on-Page SEO of the website.

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