5 Best SEO Extensions for Chrome, must have in 2021

Extension in Chrome is similar to the plugin in WordPress, as an extension provides more features to Google Chrome. This article will talk about how to make an SEO-friendly Google Chrome browser that 10 best SEO Extensions. These SEO extensions are free and will boost the browser’s functionality to find keywords, keyword density, month search, CPC, and much more.

Best SEO Extensions for Chrome and Edge Browser

Please note that these extensions can also be added to the Microsoft EDGE browser, as it is now supported by chromium. You have to visit the chrome extension store using Microsoft edge and add the extension.

Ubersuggest SEO Extension for Chrome

Ubersuggest extension by Neil Patel is one of the best extensions available in the Chrome Extension store. You can use this for finding keywords for Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

Featured offered are in Ubersuggest SEO Extension.

  • Finding keywords for Google, YouTube, and Amazon.
  • Keyword search Volume,
  • CPC and keywords insights
  • Keywords of a website that are ranking.

Keywords Everywhere

This SEO Extension for Chrome helps find the keywords. It provides similar search interests, which makes it different from the ubersuggest. This will surely help you in writing SEO-friendly content with its keywords. Let’s discuss its main features.

  • Keyword Analyzer,
  • Keyword Search Volume,
  • Cost per click

Keyword Surfer – SEO Extension for Chrome

This is a free SEO extension for the Google Chrome browser that helps in generating keywords for SEO content. Features offered by this plugin.

  • Search Volume of the keyword/s,
  • Cost per Click,
  • Keyword Suggestions,
  • On-Page Data,
  • and much more.


An extension by Semrush SEO tool. This tool offers enhanced features that help rank any article, like search volume, keyword difficulty, social statics, page visit, website visit, etc. One can take the help of this data, analyze the data, and process the data for writing SEO-friendly content.

Features of the Plugin are

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Website Visit
  • Domain Authority, Trust Value
  • Total website and Page visit monthly,
  • Social Statics for Facebook,

Pagespeed Insights

The website’s speed now is a critical part of the web page’s SEO as the core web vitals update will soon be a part of the Google Search. The speed of a website can be checked using PageSpeed insights tools. This tool is available online and for the real field data, deploy this extension into the Chrome browser.

Features of the SEO Extension for Chrome are

This tool provides suggestions to improve the page speed of the webpage or website. These extensions can help you in finding keywords, SEO difficulty levels, etc. But at the same time, you need webmaster tools, like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, etc.

I hope you liked this article. In case of any doubt or query, feel free to ask in the comment section provided below.

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