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In this technological era, almost every business is online. You can get almost everything at home from food to car, in a few clicks or many kinds of services. If you’re reading this article, you’re running a business or thinking about that. As I already discussed, every business is online like yours. But what makes your online business different from others? This article will discuss how you can boost your online presence using SEO for small businesses.

Why should small businesses care for the SEO of their business website?

A small business may be a new startup with limited resources like time, money, and skilled workers. They can’t spend too much on advertisements. But also need business from their website too. It seems that things are contradictory, but there is a solution.

Grow small business with SEO.

There is a thing called Search Engine Optimization(SEO) that helps the search engine to understand your business or services and helps the customers to find your business. You only have to analyze how users do searches related to your small business and how you can get a lead over them.

Register and verify your Business on Google My Business.

You need to register your services to Google My Business(GMB) for a local small business. Please be careful while providing all details to GMB. This will help Google to analyze your business. You must provide the exact name everywhere, like GMB, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

This is strong and helps the search engine to understand your business.

When you complete your business profile on GMB, you can request for verification code on your physical address.

Create a blog for the website.

For a small business website, you should create a blog. The blog is crucial because it drives traffic and customers to your business website. You might wonder how that is possible. But actually, that is very important, let’s understand.

For example, suppose you run a computer sales and service business, then you can write blog posts regarding various common computer issues and how to fix them. This will help the users to get their problems solved. And also, if they can’t fix the issue by themselves, they may visit you. If your services are Good enough and customers return with a happy faces, they will surely give an excellent rating to your business on Google maps.

Now it’s up to your business skills that the customer visits again at your place, skipping all market behind, and make the next computer purchase from your business.

Your website name must reflect your business. Learn how to choose a perfect domain name according to your business. Along with this, you need to optimize your blog for SEO.

Choose a target country and local business website SEO.

You must connect your website to the Google search console and set your target country. This will boost the search results of your website in your area.

  • Submit a sitemap of your website,
  • Implement AMP
  • Select the target country in Google Search Console.

Along with this, local Business Schema Markup will also help your website to get into the search results. You can set up Rank Math SEO Plugin and enable the local SEO feature from its dashboard. Rank Math will generate proper Schema Markup for your local business.

Find Keywords related to your business.

You have to find the right keywords for that your website should rank. Also, track your competitor’s keywords using the SEO audit tools like Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest, etc.

After analyzing the proper keywords for your business website, you can start writing blog posts on that. Try to write content that covers all dimensions of the keyword used.

On-Page SEO for a Small business website.

On-Page SEO is crucial for a website. You may lose organic traffic and business leads if the On-Page SEO is not configured correctly. It would be best if you kept the following things in your mind while managing on-Page SEO:-

All the points discussed above are important but writing SEO-friendly content is crucial.

SEO-friendly content for the business website.

Quality content is most important for a website to rank. But you should maintain a proper structure to explain the content. There should be the following parts in the content.

  • About
  • Body Content
  • Conclusion, results, etc.
  • At the end of the blog post, please provide the Contact Us help page.

The structure of the page content should be similar to:

  • Add a keyword to the title of your website,
  • It will help if you use keywords in the first paragraph of the content,
  • Permalink or slug should contain the keyword.

The above practice will help your business website to get organic traffic. You can also read how to write SEO-friendly content for detailed explanations.


In this article, we understood how to get customers for a business from the website. I hope you found this content helpful. In case of any doubt, feedback, or query, feel free to ask in the comment section provided below.

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