How to Create Free Business Email Address in 2021

Business Email Address provides a brand identity to your website or blog. You can choose any alias for your business name, like admin@example.com for a domain owner of example.com. Check our email address on the contact us page. If you’re using an email address from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoomail, then you can’t create an alias your choice. But for such an email address, you’ve to pay $2-$20 monthly, which may be costly for new websites. So in this article, we’ll discuss creating a business email address for free using cPanel or the Gmail account.

create Free Business Email Address using Gmail

To create a free business email address, you must own a domain name, and if you don’t have one, you can buy it from Namecheap or other domain name providers that provide email forwarding services with the domain name. But if you already have one, follow this guide.

How is it possible to create a free business email address?

The answer to this question is yes. You can create a free business email using the hosting provider or with the domain name only. This article will discuss free methods to create business email for your website, business, etc.

If you create a business email using the hosting provider, all the emails’ control is on you. You can decide the total storage of the email account and the size of attachments, which means you are the email provider and can enjoy all the premium services of the business email address.

When you create a business email using the domain name only, you can do it with your Gmail account. But there are serval limits like attachment can’t be larger than 20MB, the total storage limit is 15GB.

How to Create Free Business email address using cPanel

You can create a business email address using the cPanel from the hosting provider of a WordPress website. This is the most common and easy method for beginners. The cPanel of the hosting provider will allow you to create a number of the email address as per your need. You can create professional email addresses for your employees.

Get a Free email address with a hosting provider like Bluehost.

Bluehost is the recommended hosting provider in the list of WordPress for WordPress hosting. You have to purchase a hosting plan as per your website’s traffic.

If you already own a brand, check the availability of a domain name for your brand using the following search bar.

We recommend creating the domain name the same as your brand. It will help your customers to remember your domain and business. If the domain name is not available with .com, you can go with the ccTLD or country code top-level domain. Learn how to find the best domain name for your website or blog.

Bluehost provides you with a free business email address with its hosting. You can also create your website using Hostinger that provides free hPanel to create a business email.

Create Business Email using cPanel

After purchasing the hosting, you can log in to cPanel of the hosting provider and creating a custom email address with the domain name.

cPanel Email Account

After creating the business email address, you can access it using webmail.seoneurons.com, where seoneurons is your domain name. This service is with hosting and will not charge you extra.

How to Create Business email using Domain Name?

Suppose you run a Blogger blog where you don’t need any hosting service or have not chosen the right WordPress hosting. As some hosting provider doesn’t give access of cPanel, you can only access file manager so you can’t create a custom business email. In such a case, you can buy an email service package or create a free business email using a domain name or use Gmail for business for free.

If you bought a domain name from NameCheap, Google Domains, these domain name providers would provide an excellent email forwarding feature. Bluehost and Bigrock offer you two free business email address with the domain. But if you already purchased the domain from Godaddy, you may get the Godaddy email forwarding service. Or, if you can’t see this option, then visit ImprovMX — Free email forwarding.

Create Email Forwarding using ImprovMX.

This will allow you to receive your business emails on your personal Gmail account.

Some domain name provider doesn’t provide a feature of email forwarding then you can use the improvMX to forward all emails receiving on your business domain. If you’re using NameCheap, Google domain, there is no need to follow this step as they provide the email forwarding service with the domain name. That’s why we recommend Namecheap domains.

Visit ImprovMX and enter your domain name and email address to create an account on this website.

crate domain email address
  • Enter the Domain Name for which you want to create a business email address.
  • Enter the current Gmail Address, where you’ll receive all the forwarded emails.
  • Click on create free alias.

This will send an email to your Gmail account to verify your email address. You’ve to check the email and verify.

set up email forwarding

After email verification is successful, in the Aliases section, you can provide the business email address. When someone sends an email to this address, it will get in your Gmail email box. That’s your business email address, so now your users can send emails to this address, and you’ll receive these emails in your Gmail email box.

dns management

After verifying the domain name, you’ve to verify and set up the domain for email forwarding. The ImprovMX will ask you to update DNS records. Please note that if you pointed the nameserver to Cloudflare, you’ve to change the record in Cloudflare.

After updating the DNS record, you’ve to wait for its propagation. It may take few minutes to few hours. Check this propagation at digwebinterface.com. After DNS, update all the emails that receive to the business email address.

Forward Email in NameCheap Domain Provider.

Domain Registrar Namecheap allows you to forward emails to your email account. So you can follow this guide if you register your domain with Namecheap hosting provider.

To forward emails, you have to log in to your Namecheap account and click on manage account.

Namecheap Domain Manage

Then enable email forwarding, provide you alias name, and forwarding Gmail address.

Email Forwarding to gmail

You can try sending email to your business email that should receive on your personal Gmail account.

Please note: This Namecheap service will work with default nameservers. You can check the detailed guide of email forwarding at Namecheap.

Send Email using Gmail from Professional Email Address.

In the above part, we understand how to receive business email addresses and access them in Gmail. We’ll see how we can reply to those emails from our business email address in this part.

Generate an app login password for Gmail

You’ve to generate an app login password to add the business email address in Gmail. This password allows you to send or reply to emails using a professional email address.

Google Account Settings

To generate an app password, you’ve to scroll to Google account settings. Click on your profile picture to open settings for Google account,

  1. Go to Manage your Google Account,
  2. Open Security tab,
  3. In the Signing into the Google section, click on app passwords.
Generate App Password Google Account
  1. Select App as Mail,
  2. The system as Windows Computer,
  3. Generate a one-time password to log in using your app.

Now in the above window, you can see a 16 characters password generated. This password can be used in log in to Google Account. How to use guide also provided along with the password. Please don’t close this tab till the next step is complete.

Add Business Email in Gmail Account.

To send from the business email address using the Gmail account, you’ve to log in to the Gmail account. From the Gmail dashboard, click on settings>the see all the settings.

Gmail Account Settings

Now go to account and import and then scroll to send mail as(check image below). Click on add another email address.

Gmail Account and Import Send Mail as Settings

As you click on add another email address, this will open the pop windows. You’ve to provide details as described below.

set up Business email in Gmail
  1. Name of your business account. This name will visible be to the email receiver.
  2. Provide a business email address,
  3. Follow the next step to set SMTP server,
  4. We are using Gmail SMTP servers, so provide details of Gmail SMPT i.e. smtp.gmail.com.
  5. Enter your Gmails’ email address,
  6. Provide the 16 characters password we created in the last step.
  7. In the Next window, you’ve to enter the OTP you just received in your Gmail account.
  8. Enter the OTP confirmation code,
  9. Click on verify account.

Now, you can send emails using your business email address. But by default, you can reply from your email address. Change this to reply using the same email address where you received the email.

Visit Gmail Account Settings>Account and Import>Send mail as> Reply from the same address.

set default reply using email in gmail

Now you can try sending emails using your business email address. You can receive emails that have the attachment of less than 20 MB. If you like to deal with large files, then this feature is not for you. In that case, you can buy Gsuit apps.

Final Words

This article explains how we can create a free Business email address with the help of email redirection. And also, it makes us utilize the email forwarding service provided along with the domain name. Google domains and NameCheap are best in this respect.

I hope you like this article. In case of any doubt, query, or feedback, feel free to ask in the comment section provided below.

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