Best Browser for SEO in 2023, and Why.

There are several browsers available on the market. But for an SEO expert, the best browser supports all the essential requirements. This article will discuss which browser is best for SEO and why.

To list out the best browser, we have to understand the requirements, which are:

  • That support Google Trackers like Google Analytics, GA4, GTM, etc.
  • Secure and Safe Browsing.
  • CrUX report,
  • Large User Base.
  • A large number of extensions library

I hope you already got it. We are talking about the Google Chrome browser. Google integrates all its features into the browsers. And you know when it comes to SEO, the large market is covered by Google Search Engine.

Features of Google Chrome Browser for SEO.

The following are the features of the Chome browser that are helpful in Search Engine Optimization.


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers, with over two billion users worldwide. One of the key reasons for its popularity is its speed. Chrome is renowned for its fast browsing speed, a major selling point since its release in 2008.

Speed is a critical point for the SEO of a website. It plays a significant role in the core web vitals of a webpage and a direct SEO.

Vast Selection of Extensions.

One of the reasons for its popularity among SEO professionals is the availability of a wide range of browser extensions that can be used to enhance SEO performance. Here are some of the most useful Chrome extensions for SEO professionals.

  1. MozBar is a popular SEO extension that provides a wealth of information about a website’s search engine optimization.
  2. Ahrefs SEO extension provides detailed information about a website’s backlinks, organic traffic, and the top organic search keywords.
  3. Keywords Everywhere provide keyword research data directly in the browser.
  4. SEOquake is a comprehensive SEO extension that provides a wide range of data about a website’s performance. It displays key metrics such as Alexa Rank, Google Index, and SEMrush Rank.
  5. Check My Links– checks for broken links on a webpage. Improving the user experience on a website and boosting its SEO performance.

Google Integration

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google, and as such, it is optimized for Google’s search engine. This integration means Chrome provides SEO professionals with several beneficial features and tools. Chrome’s integration with Google can help SEO professionals optimize their websites and improve search engine rankings. It allows all the features of Google like GA4, Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.

CrUX Report

CrUX stands for Chrome User Experience Report, a publicly available dataset that provides information on real-world user experience for millions of websites. The CrUX report is a valuable tool for SEO professionals because it provides data on several essential user experience metrics, such as page load time, first input delay, and visual stability score.

Google Chrome Developer Tools

Google Chrome Developer Tools is a web development and debugging tool built into the Chrome browser. While these tools are primarily designed for web developers, SEO professionals can also use them to improve website performance and search engine optimization. In this post, we will explore the key features of the Google Chrome Developer Tools and how they can benefit SEO professionals.

  1. Inspect Element
  2. PageSpeed Insights – Built-in to check webpage Performance.
  3. Console,
  4. Device Emulation

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