How to Disable Right Click in WordPress and other HTML websites.

Blogging is the best way to share your ideas, but what if someone copies your content? Your hardly created can be stolen in a few clicks. To protect the content from one-click copy-paste, you can disable right-click and protect website data. Here, we will discuss three methods to disable right-click on a WordPress website.


First, we will understand how to disable the right click of a WordPress without using a plugin, and second, with the help of a plugin.

1. Disable Right click without using a Plugin.

In this method, we have to inject the following javascript code into the WordPress theme file. To do that, scroll to WordPress dashboard > appearance> edit theme. Select the footer.php file to add the following code in the website’s footer section.

Find the </body> tag in footer.php, then paste the code provided just above the closing of the body tag. Please note, this is footer.php and Not function.php.

<script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(document).ready(function () {
        //Disable cut copy paste
        jQuery('body').bind('cut copy paste', function (e) {
        //Disable mouse right click
            return false;

Save the footer.php file, and delete the cache (if any) to load the script. This code will prevent right-clicking on every page of your website. So the website visitors are not able to perform right-click or copy-paste functions.

We will also discuss its impact on user experience and best practices. Of course, if we disable right-clicking on our web pages. It will annoy users who want to save content for future reference. And also, some users have a behavior of selecting content with the mouse and reading that. Overall it will impact on Search Engine Optimization of the website.

It will also protect the content from being copied by an average user. We added the javascript code in the footer section to avoid page speed issues.

To avoid changes in future theme updates, you can create a child theme and place the code.

If you want to block a specific part, read how you can block right-click for a particular section of your page.

With the help of the Plugin, Don’t Allow Copy, Paste.

You can also disable right-click with the help of a Plugin. For this, Install, and activate WordPress Plugin named WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click.

The plugin will disable Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Shift+I, and Ctrl+U, and protect the website from being copied. The plugin warns with a notice that the content is protected when someone right-clicks on your website. This feature is free with the plugin.

Now it’s time to understand the disadvantage of disabling right clicks. And who should disable the right-click?

The disadvantage of disabling Right-Click, ctrl button, Copy-Paste

We prefer SEO of the website. If you disable right-click, you are spoiling the user experience, which may lead to a high bounce rate, a drop in session duration, or pogo-sticking.

And this is not the best practice to stop anyone from copying the content if they wish to do so. They can use any alternative methods to copy your content.

That means disabling right-click; you’re making you are harming the UX of the website. That will indirectly impact the website’s SEO. We will not recommend this method as it hampers the website’s organic reach.

Should you disable the Right-Click?

Disabling the right-click will protect your content from being copied by the newbie. Nothing can stop a pro copycat from copying any content.

The copycat expert can copy anything from the webpage. No plugin or script can stop them. If this method can protect website content, then everybody will use this.

How to Protect the content from theft.

You can interlink all the content of your website. So that when someone copies the content from your site, They also copy the links of your website. This will provide a backlink to your website and help Google analyze that the content is yours.

Suppose someone copies your content and publishes that on their website. Google will crawl, analyze and process for indexing. Google understands the content is scrapped in the data process and will never index scrapped content. However, if the content is internally linked with other content available, that site will also provide a backlink to your website.

There are a few other methods to protect the content.

  • Display a proper Copyright Notice.
  • Watermark images
  • Protect Feed of the WordPress website.

The copyright notice allows the user to copy content for personal use only. And watermark images help you identify your image. And watermark on the images will promote your brand.


This article will explain the methods of protecting website content by disabling right-click. We also understood how it might disturb the user experience. And also other methods of protecting your content.

How to disable right-click on a WordPress website?

You can disable right-click using javascript on the website. With the help of javascript, you can disable ctrl to protect data.

How to disable right-click on an HTML website?

You have to add the above javascript code in the footer section of the HTML website or web page.

Will disabling right click effect our website?

Yes. It will disturb the user experience of the website. That will directly affect the SEO of the website.

We hope you like this article if you’ve any questions regarding this. You are free to ask in the comment section below.

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  1. Is there any additional code to allow admin in frontend mode to right click? The current code block right click for admin too.

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